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Resources online & offline to help you become a smarter athlete

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For over 10 years this multisport podcast with guests gives training, nutrition and technology advice to improve your triathlon, duathlon, Ironman, running and cycling performances.

Each “SMARTcast” reveals cutting edge tips, research findings and insider news. Ideal for multisport athletes, Ironman racers, time triallists, sportive riders and fitness enthusiasts.

From hints and tips interviewing some of this countries leading athletes and experts to up to the minute answers to listeners questions.

With 50 episodes in the back catalogue and some amazing athlete interviews this is a resource to motivate, educate and entertain.

121st podcast October 2013 Q&A Special

99th podcast Dec 2011 Interview with Ironman Elite Rachel Joyce

82nd podcast Feb 2011 - Archive interview with Shona Halson

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Monthly e-mail loaded  with coaching advice such as research news, weight loss tips, website updates, Ironman advice, mental training tips, offers, motivational advice, podcast info and more!

To help you achieve optimal health, solid fitness and endurance performance. Whatever your endurance sport - whatever your goals.

To unsubscribe at any time there are unsubscribe links within each SMARTmail.

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PDF's of presentations to various clubs, associations, seminar audiences or training camp athletes

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I write for various magazine such as 220 Triathlon, Peak Performance and others.
I have been writing for since 1991 and have covered many topics:

- training sessions

- nutrition for racing

- equipment to be faster or recovery better

For the growing back catalogue of articles from many different publications see the Downloads and Media sections
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Time-crunched Triathlon (Crowood, 2016)
This is a manual for life, which will help beginners and experienced triathletes maximize their investment, success and enjoyment in this most demanding of endurance sports.

Those with hectic lives who want to enjoy triathlons must ensure that they train effectively. Participating in three sports means trying to be a jack-of-all trades, organizing a lot of equipment and trying to make sense of the huge wealth of training information available both off- and online.

This no-nonsense guide provides real-life examples, clear and simple explanations, and actual tips & tricks from successful triathletes. It debunks the theory that triathletes are super-beings and looks at the real ways they manage training on top of a busy lifestyle. It also considers the usual challenges of weather, illness and injury, and how to be consistent even when you can't follow a completely regimented routine 24/7.

Perfect for any triathlete who wants to become more time-efficient.
This book forgoes the fluff and focuses on the ultimate training essentials!
Need To Know Triathlon (Harper Collins, 2008).

Need to know? Triathlon will show you basic technique for swimming, cycling and running; choosing the right equipment; setting goals; planning & race day tips. It also is a great reference book for more experienced athletes looking to get back to basics and remind themselves of good and bad habits.

“9/10 -There are plenty of starter books on the shelves, but this is one of the best out there.” 220 Triathlon Magazine

“If this sporting challenge is a life-long ambition of yours, don’t waste anymore time – buy this book.” Men’s Health Magazine

An excellent introduction to a life-enhancing sport”   Experience Life Magazine  see here

“Good introductory Guide To Triathlon... I’ve only recently taken up triathlon and I found this book very helpful. It is well laid out and covers the basics. There are other books that go into more detail, but as a first introduction I’d recommend this one. It is also more relevant to the UK triathlon season than several other books on the market” Review at Amazon by K.White

The Racing Bike Book (Hayes, 2000 - 2007) Eds.
“Where this book really scores, and is almost worth the price of admission alone, is in the fitness section. this features cycle specific fitness, nutrition, eating for competition, before moving on to a personal training programme. One of the authors is the highly respected coach, Joe Beer, who once coached Graeme Obree, and currently writes for Cycling Plus, so it should perhaps be no surprise that this is covered in such expert detail. if you're going to buy this book for one reason, this ought to be it. Review by
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